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Rudi - Spiritual Coach

Speaker, Author, Spiritual Coach

Rudi is a prolific speaker on the Eternal Spirit sharing his in depth understanding of humanity, which he has learnt from many thousands of one to one intuitive spiritual consultations.

He runs regular courses and workshops inspiring people with his true gift to uplift and motivate them to live life to the best, through love peace and freedom. His unique personality has made him an inspirational speaker for many allowing him to spread his gifts across a wide variety  of venues including TV and Radio. 

Rudi has studied and integrated many different practices of Eastern and Western Holistic spiritual wisdom. His knowledge of these various practices aids greatly to help you piece together your personal jigsaw of the human experience, so that you can observe and realise the serene, loving and abundant life you deserve. 

Rudi works alongside 'aboutthisearthArts', whilst continuing with his own journey.