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Here at AboutthtiseartheArts We offer a variety Creative & Contemporary Creative arts, photography, cards, prints, art, complimentary wellbeing. 


VISIONARY ARTIST - 'UNIVERSAL COLOURS' - A Collaboration between Nature & Art. 

Joeys artwork has healing attributes that provoke a sedative state to the viewer, inspiring love and connection to grow within. 

His main inspiration is his personal spiritual journey and accumulated expertise of our inter-dimensional nature. He aims to translate the love and light in experiences onto a canvas in order to pass this knowledge onto others through the use of 'universal language' - VIBRATION. 

He sees art as another way to convey messages straight to the peoples hearts, without the need to talk. 

Joey works alongside 'ABOUTTHISEARTHARTS.CO.UK', whilst currently engaging with his own creativity in the beautiful dimensions of earth along the shorelines of Bali, Indonesia. He is a self taught artist as well as timeless life coach and friend to many. He empowers the connections of truth and conciousness in his art work. 


Tahlia (AUS): "Joey is an effortless teacher. He transforms life through the wisdom he holds and the unconditional love that he is.  His experience is admirable and his strength is inspiring leaving a profound impact on so many lives including my own. Beyond grateful to you Joey and everything you bring to me and to others."