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I was born in the South West of  England, surrounded by a family whose interests spanned profound connections to the Arts, language, including music and the Spirituality of Christian Science. They also had a strong connection to sailing and travelling,  as well as connections to  the countries and continents of Canada, America, Australia ; Italy, France and Germany.
I  have travelled many continents where I  explored the fact there is constantly movement on many levels. We are in an accessible, continual, 'time' space. 

Parts of my journey were joyous and some solemn but this did not invoke a pathos of negative perspectives.  It was engaging and dignified at many levels in the humane sense as the accessible timelines of space were a portal of growth, awareness  and awakening. The internal journey of self awareness leads us to new pathways of realisation about our light as a beacon of soft repose, which bends itself to our internal ambience and or aura. Our purity of connection and vibrational expression. 

These influences were a natural landscape of signposts on my creative and spiritual journey. As with the natural landscape they merely have to be explored and uncovered in the same way nature in all the colours establishes and aids orientation towards the observer, of the biodiversity of which we are one with. 

Following a formal education in Art, I found inspiration in all mediums, which are translated through the use of pastel, photography, charcoal, sculpture ; mixed mediums. Text + work. The processes are full of "light".

More recently I have explored the medium of photography and short films to capture the energies and cycles of the original woodlands, landscapes, harbours and seascapes, in my immediate environment. In addition I observe the forms of colour, movement and nature to bring you an array  of flora and fauna and other artworks. I am based near to the majesty of a National Park, including the southern jurassic coastlines and this is where for the moment most of my inspiration comes from. The natural environment and wildlife are boundless in their majesty and habitats. They are an open landscape of visual features and footsteps of discovery. 

Each image is the articulation of  the shifting process of the seasons, of organic objects including portals to other worlds: sentient beasts, the natural world and our connection to this becoming the accumulation of the emerging rebirth of time. 

As a mixed media Artist concerned with the relationship between the landscape, movement and time, through my art and photography, I encourage emotional healing, redirecting the observer away from self-limiting beliefs and timelines. 

Colour healing Art is significant in the process of alleviating emotional and physical blockages in our lives. The use of colour is a strong influence in balancing thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is also an important process to identifying with who you are as well as your connection to the Earth. 

I have been inspired not only by my journey of travel and differing cultures, but additionally artists, such as Andy Goldsworthy, Joseph Vergani, Jon Adams, Paul Klee & Richard Long to name a few. Gratitude and thanks to my Art tutors past and present, who continue to enlighten the path of growth. The artists and curators I have met remind us to keep exploring the old masters and the contemporary as well as the spiritual embodiment in ourselves and of course the ARTS. 




Joey, was born in the United Kingdom. In his younger years, he was influenced by the vibrational ambience of music and the Arts', however these were not engaged until his late twenties.

Prior to this he established a career as a professional Yacht Skipper, sailing and living around the global parameters of the world and a journey of discovery across natural oceans. 

He currently embodies the power of his natural environment and his passion for his Art, in Bali, Indonesia. 

He is a self taught artist; a natural. His Artwork has healing attributes that provoke a sedative state to the viewer, inspiring love and connection to grow within. 

His main inspiration is his personal spiritual journey and accumulated expertise of our inter-dimensional nature. He aims to translate the love and light he experiences onto the canvas in order to pass this knowledge to others through the use of a "universal language" - Vibration. He sees art as another way to convey messages straight to peoples hearts without the need to talk. 

For more information, connect to and explore,  Joey's website in the Links provided. 



Sunday. Feb 28, 2021 

Iridescent 'Apeture' 

About the Earth there is a shifting force field of unconscious energies. 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

New works : Ancient Origins, Blue, Infinity - @mich-k.pixels.com